Bizzie Baby Uk – Award Winning Nom Nom Fun Safari Weaning Kit

Each pouch is Freezer safe and Dishwasher safe. Dimensions excluding spout 105mm x 135mm Dimensions including spout 105mm x 160mm This item is only available within the UK and EU as we do not presently ship outside of the EU

Bizzie Baby UK – Easybelts

Easybelts is a belt that little hands can manage. This belt is the ideal belt for smart, school or casual wear. The materials used in our belt is a high quality soft webbing that is elasticated for comfort and EasyBelt is also adjustable in size to allow for growth and flexibility. The EasyBelts has a velcro strip which replaces the buckle-pin mechanism which many people find dificult to use. The velcro strip slips through the D shape buckle and is folded back upon itself, thereby securing the belt and ensuring that the belt stays securely fastened Size Chart


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